"When my mother needed assistance getting to her appointments, I was able to count on Silver Streak to take her where she needed to be.  Silver Streak gives me the peace of mind of knowing that my mother is getting there safe and sound."



"I've ridden the Silver Streak taxi ever since it's inception.  The service enables me to schedule appointments, get groceries, and generally 'do things.'  Local businesses are gracious about calling for the taxi when you are ready to return home.  So try it - it is very definitely my life line!"

Mary Reynolds

"Since 1991 Silver Streak has been instrumental in providing exemplary transportation services to all of our ProHealth facilities includingOconomowoc Memorial Hospital, the Oconomowoc Physicians Center, and our clinics on Summit Avenue.  This hometown service is a lifeline for riders who face transportation challenges and plays a vital role in giving our patients safe and easy access to their local health care providers."

Fred Syrjanen, Vice President, Continuum of Care, ProHealth Care

Did you know?

"The Aurora Wilkinson Medical Clinic in Summit has found Silver Streak to be a strong community partner, and a significant asset to the health and well-being of the community.  Silver Streak's transportation service meets a critical need for many of our patients by providing a safe and affordable ride to appointments with their health care providers."

James Gatto, MD, Family Medicine, Aurora Wilkinson Medical Clinic

First Bank Financial Centre and the City of Oconomowoc are annual sponsors of Oconomowoc Silver Streak.  FBFC has been providing financial support since we started in 1991!